AWESTruck Award Video Compilations

These were made while working in the Culture Division at the City of Mississauga.

For any large public events at Mississauga's Celebration Square, they would often produce video content to be used on the large outdoor screens. One of those events is a music and food truck festival, where the public votes on what food truck is their favourite in five different categories.


I was provided samples of the promotional graphics that would be used to advertise the event. The headline musician was DJ Jazzy Jeff, and so I started to think about old school MTV, and the MTV Music Awards. Using the established colour pallet, I came up with the concept to film prop ice-cream cones; they were food items that could be sold from a food truck, and also resemble a microphone, which would tie together the festival's two main elements. I fabricated the prop ice-cream cones using styrofoam balls, store bought cones, and air dry clay.   With the assistance from a coworker, I shot the video footage, and then applied audio, text and animation.


The headliner for this event was July Talk. At the time they only used black and white photography in their promotions, and their website used time-lapse footage of driving as a background. I took these points as inspiration for the award videos. I combined stock video and photography with custom illustrations. Each of the awards had a colour to compliment the black and white footage, as well as a food item associated with that colour.